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"I want people to work through our program and find ways to express themselves persuasively and ethically.  I think it would be wonderful if others saw what we are doing and found ways to bring their passions to the incarcerated communities too."

​Luke has circumnavigated the globe. 
Luke Yeates is a Communication major with an emphasis in Media Studies and Journalism. He’s also earning a minor in History and certification in Cinema and Digital Media studies. In addition to his demanding schedule as a student, Luke is kept busy also serving as the president of the Boise State Speech and Debate team and Debate Society, founder of the Prison Debate Society, and the Vice President of Lambda Pi Eta, the Communication Honorarium. 

His project was born out of personal experience and passion for debate. Luke says debate found him at a difficult time in life and hopes to share its transformative power with others—particularly with Idaho inmates. 

Luke dedicates two hours every week holding sessions the Idaho State Correctional Center. During these sessions, Luke brings his knowledge and passion for debate to discuss with inmates theory and framework of debate in addition to current events. He sees the value in offering inmates the opportunity to engage in healthy and thoughtful discussion. After twelve weeks of these sessions, the prison holds a public debate where participants can invite their friends and families. Luke says the goal of the project is to provide inmates with the knowledge to self advocate for their betterment. 
<![CDATA[Catherine Floate: Transgender Healthcare]]>Thu, 16 Mar 2017 20:59:25 GMThttp://ethosprojectboise.com/blog-archive/catherine-floate-transgender-healthcare

​“The origins of this problem range from inadequate knowledge of providers to personal objection of serving transgender patients to massive stigma discouraging transgender individuals to seek healthcare.”

​Catherine owns three pet mice by the names of Emily, Patricia, and Victoria. ​
Catherine Floate is a senior at Boise State University majoring in Political Science with an emphasis in American Government and Public Policy. She is passionate about issues relating to transgender justice and is currently the president and co-creator of the Idaho Transgeender Healthcare Advcocacy Coalition (ITHAC). Her leadership in ITHAC has given her the opportunity to deal directly with many issues and injustices, which has driven her stance on equality in healthcare. The current health system has failed many times to provide adequate—even minimal—services to transgender people. 

Catherine says that as a community we have a lot to learn when it comes to sexual identity. She believes one of the best ways to increase awareness and knowledge is to start with health care—a fundamental need. By designing a comprehensive training program for health care professionals, the goal is to put focus on the needs and emotional support for each transgender individual. 

Catherine plans to do this by strategizing ways to make healthcare and administrative serves more accessible, develop a comprehensive transgender cultural company training program, and implement a follow-up evaluation to test the effectiveness of the training programs. Her ultimate aim is to spread acceptance and inclusivity throughout Boise State's campus and beyond. 
<![CDATA[Busayo Apampa: Diversity in our Campus Community]]>Thu, 09 Mar 2017 05:42:30 GMThttp://ethosprojectboise.com/blog-archive/busayo-apampa-diversity-in-our-campus-community

“As an international student and employee, I have a special connection to this project as it is a part of my identity on campus. I have struggled with some of the cultural adjustments a lot of international students face and I have worked very hard to make that transition smoother for my peers.”

Busayo loves to cook and follow her own impromptu recipes.

Busayo Apampa is a senior at Boise State and will graduate in May with a degree in Business Economics. Originally from Lagos, Nigeria, Busayo came to Boise State in 2013 as an international student. Throughout her years at Boise State, she has made an incredible impact on our campus community. Her involvement in International Student Services, New Student Program, Boise State Housing, Women of the Workplace, Afro Black Student Alliance, International Students Association, The Honors College, and The College of Business and Economics demonstrates her passion for community, advocacy, and education. 

Her vision is to start conversations specifically regarding international student services. On the second floor of the Student Union Building, there used to be a space for international students to gather with their friends and share their experiences in the United States. The space offered community while serving as a safe place to cultivate friendships and seek guidance. That space no longer exists, as the office has been moved and downsized. Busayo aims to share the message of how decisions like these affect the international student community.